Prescription Reconciliation

Wondering about your prescription medications, over the counter remedies or how your new pill will affect your health and IF it works with the other medications you’re taking?

Call and ask our  Pharmacist:

CALL 1-800-858-1637
Care Transitions

Sometimes it takes a little extra help to recover after a hospital stay.

Region VII AAA’s Care Transitions program provides needed services to Medicare beneficiaries and others, including reconciling prescription and over-the-counter medications, linking you with helpful home and community-based services like meals on wheels, homemaking and personal care.

Our Community Health Workers will review your “Discharge Instructions” with you, and help you along the way to understand any changes that you need to make to your diet, health, exercise, or lifestyle.

We hope it doesn’t happen, but if you are hospitalized, call, or have someone call on your behalf and ask about Care Transitions.

We’ll meet you before you leave the hospital to ensure that all of the details are handled.

Community Health Worker

Imagine having someone knowledgable about the hospital, healthcare, aging and long-term care services actually come visit you and help you sort out all of the important information about your chronic health conditions?

Region VII AAA’s Community Health Workers do just that. They are available to take your questions and phone calls Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. They see participants at home, in the hospital, at the Adult Foster Care, Assisted Living, or Home for the Aged.

They are able to assist with any problem that is keeping you from achieving better health.