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Wouldn’t it be great is someone knowledgeable about services available in your community sat down for a visit with you and explained what types of programs are available, and how to access them and pay for them? Care Management does just that.

If you, or someone you know meets the criteria shown here, contact Region VII AAA to learn more about making an appointment for a Care Management visit.

CALL 1-800-858-1637
Care Management is available if the person is:
  • 60 years of age or older.

  • Have difficulty performing daily living activities, such as personal care, bathing, and homemaking tasks.

  • Need assistance with finding community resources.

  • Need, or are at risk of, a nursing facility level of care.


For more information please call: 1-800-858-1637

Cost sharing is a voluntary and important part of the Care Management program. Cost Sharing is based on the participants income and promotes ongoing availability of Care Management services in your community by extending the program to additional clients.

Some services may be paid for by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, or health and social programs as well as private pay by the participant and their family.

No services are arranged without the approval of the participant.