Title V Older American Workers

Senior Community Services Employment Program (SCSEP)

The Senior Community Services Employment Program (SCSEP), operated under Title V of the Older American Act, is designed to provide and promote useful part time employment and training for low income persons 55 and older.

Enrollment Process

  • Telephone pre-screening for eligibility 1-800-858-1637
  • Enrollment for services
  • Intake for assessment of skills, experience, and employment interest
  • Develop individual plan for employment and training

Program Participation Requirements

  • Enrollment in Michigan Works! Talent Bank: www.michworks.org
  • Participation in Workforce Investment Act
  • Active ongoing personal job search

Host Agency Employment & Training Assignment

A host agency is a nonprofit organization that has an agreement with SCSEP to provide employment and training to the assigned enrollee.

  • Assignment compatible with desired employment and training
  • Provides day to day supervision and training
  • Paid work and benefits through SCSEP

Other Services

  • Assistance with other training through local education programs and services
  • Resume preparation
  • Interview techniques
  • Job search assistance and development

For more information about SCSEP visit the Department of Labor website or call the SCSEP Coordinator at 1-800-858-1637