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What could you do with an extra $104.50 each month? 

Are you?

  • 65 years old and
  • Receiving Medicare A and Medicare B and
  • A resident of Michigan

– OR –

  • Disabled with Medicare A and B insurance and
  • A resident of Michigan


You must also meet these income and asset guidelines:

  • Single income- no greater than $1,297 a month
  • Single assets-  no greater than $7,080
  • Couple income-no greater than $1,743 a month
  • Couple assets- no greater than $10,620


$104.50 is the amount that most Medicare Beneficiaries pay each month for their Medicare Part B.  If you qualify for the Medicare Savings Program this money will stop coming out of your check each month.

If you are eligible for these savings, you are also eligible to receive extra help paying for your prescription drug premiums and co-pays through Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans.

Please contact your local Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistant Program (MMAP) counselor by calling 1-800-803-7174 or the Department of Human Services in your own county for additional information. Ask for an application and a list of documents needed to complete the form. This federal program is known as the Medicare Savings Program (MSP).