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Caregiver Resources

You are not alone! Over 50 million people in America
help provide care for a family member or friend.

It’s no secret, care giving can take a tole on the caregiver especially those over age 50–financially, mentally and physically. To support caregivers in their role their are resources in your community including: adult day care (respite), educational programs, counseling and:

Help for family members who are struggling to care for others who are ill or have disability.
Practical education on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of care.
Education to teach caregivers to care for themselves so they can care for loved one.
Help so caregivers can manage both daily situations and long-range decisions.
Classes to provide an understanding of normal aging, and abnormal changes that need attention.
Information for caregivers about specific conditions of diseases.

Contact us for more information about local opportunities. 1-800-858-1637.